Primary School

Welcome Message from the Head

Dear parents,

We are delighted that you are considering entrusting us with the education of your precious children. Our Primary Department offers a secure, enjoyable, rewarding and unique environment. We challenge our young learners to set high academic expectations for themselves, enhance their self-belief and monitor them attentively as they work towards their goals.

We embed the notion of self-learning and pave the way for them to be responsible, determined and proactive individuals. We greatly appreciate the support and feedback we receive from our valued parents. Together, we strive to fully realize our students’ potential and prepare them to be future leaders.


Ms. Mai Aly
Primary Division Supervisor

Curriculum Overview

Our Primary school is a six-year phase, during which our basic scope is to build on the foundations laid during the early years of education. Core subjects are now richer in knowledge, with new subjects introduced. By the Upper Primary stage (Grade 4), the ministerial curriculum becomes broader; however, we try to maintain a healthy balance between work and life to enable our students to have time for sports and social interaction.

Our Primary school can be divided into two stages:  lower and upper primary. The former is a transitional period for our KG children. Students learn to be increasingly independent and start exploring new subjects.

In Grade 1, we introduce our second foreign language instruction. Students are free to choose either French or German. Other core subjects include English, Mathematics, Arabic, Religion, Computing, PE and Music. Co-curricular activities are part and parcel of our curriculum delivery, in addition to carefully structured activities that are integrated into the curriculum across all subjects. Competitions are organized in various areas, including spelling bees, short story writing, poetry writing, and Quraan.

By the beginning of Grade 4, our lower primary core subjects are extended to include Social Studies, which is taught in Arabic, in addition to General Science taught in English.

Students sit exams scheduled and monitored by the Ministry of Education at the end of each term. Exams in the Primary stage are internally set and marked, except for Grade 6 exams, which are externally set but internally marked.

By the end of the Primary stage, students are expected to command a sound knowledge of all major subjects and to have developed their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills of foreign languages.

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