Being a national language school, we follow the Egyptian National Curriculum for our Early Years through to Grade 12. Maths and Science are delivered in English, while all other ministerial subjects are taught in Arabic. We offer an elite curriculum of High Level in foreign languages, with English taught as a compulsory first foreign language followed by a choice of French or German. We adopt the most advanced teaching techniques and regularly review our practices, covering more than what the curriculum requires and exploring new areas to offer our students the best classroom experience.

Our Value Added Approach

International Benchmark Exams
We prepare our students for international benchmark exams in the 2nd language they want to sit for. This provides students and their parents with a reliable tool tracking student language attainment and performance against the international standards of their respective language choice. Besides, helping teachers improve personalized learning plans for students sitting for the exams.

2nd Language- German:
MLS students studying German may choose to sit for the ‘Fit1’ Exam once they are ready, while ‘Fit2’ Exam qualifies students to travel for a further advanced Language course in Germany.

2nd Language- French:
MLS students studying choosing French, will get the chance to be qualified for the ‘Delf’ Exam starting from G6

Student Support 

With close follow up on students attainment and progress, we aim at creating customized plans for our students to ensure that every student is enabled to perform at his/her best levels.
- Talented and Gifted Students TAG
- At-Risk Students